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PhotoImpact is a sophisticated photo editing for beginners and advanced users
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Nauman Shan It has been good since 2010 when I purchased Photoimpact XL.

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Thomas Bailey Make a comment and get no answer ! Are you not interested in your Customers? Why can't you have an email answering service? As far as I can see, it is just a load of gabble.

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Software Informer Hello,

Please bear in mind that we are not affiliated with any software
developers listed in our database, and we only tackle support requests
concerning our website.

Kindly contact the actual developers of the software in question directly.

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Thomas Bailey It has been good since 2006 when I purchased Photoimpact XL.

But now it keeps locking up when I try to fill in Time sheet, what has caused this sudden problem? I like the program very much and have used it on XP, Vista & Win 7 for the last 3 to 4 Years, then it suddenly stopped, I have cleaned out and reinstalled, but it still stops and locks the computer.. But it has worked well all this time. How much is the program now?

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T Grant Just wondering if you've tried changing the compatibility settings, "run as Win XP"? Or trying to run as administrator?
Just curious. The first version I learned on I think was v.5. But I know I was using the latest version of Windows. It was Win 98. smile

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Thomas Bailey. Hello ! This is more like a Question. I have been using Photo impact XL since I obtained it with the Magazine PC ADVISOR in July 2006. and it has worked on all the versions, like XP, &
Vista, and I have been using it for the las 4 Years, On my Win 7 Laptop to copy my work sheets into it and fill them in and to take Screen shots and then take out the portions I want to keep. But on Monday this Week it shut dow and would not work I reinstalled it but when I get the scanned sheet on the screen and try to write in it it just locks up for no reason. I have cleaned out all the remains of it and reinstalled but still no luck, what do you think is wrong ? I always look after my CD's in cases and take care not to scratch them , but this started after I have been using and having no bother with it. its a Puzzle. Any Ideas? Oh and how much can I renew Photoimpact for ?

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